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Sandra Reich and Georgia Dow of The Montreal Center for Anxiety and Depression have helped thousands of clients learn to deal with an array of underlying personal issues and life complications that can often hold us back from achieving our personal best. Start on the path to living your best life with their informative and helpful DVDs today.

Bundle includes 4 DVDs: 1. Parenting, 2. Depression- How to get out!, 3. Get the sleep you’ve always dreamt of! and 4. Boundaries and Consequences.

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Total Duration: 3:21:14

Includes 4 DVDS:

Get the Sleep You’ve Always Dreamt Of

Good sleep plagues so many. Insomnia, restlessness, or constantly waking up makes for a rough night leaving you feeling drained, unfocused and dependent upon outside forces (like coffee) to get you through the day.

In this Special Series video, you will learn:

  • What makes for a good night of sleep
  • Strategies to fall asleep fast and stay asleep
  • Role of sleep in your health and quality of life
  • Sleep hygiene – habits that will change your life and your sleep forever!
  • And more…!!!


Wouldn’t it be nice if babies came with an owner’s manual? A set of instructions on how to take this tiny little human and turn it into an amazing, contributing member of society?

Well you may not have received an owner’s manual at the hospital, but parenting experts Sandra Reich and Georgia Dow will walk you through:

  • Types of parenting
  • What works what does not
  • Parenting that leads to resiliency in your children
  • Boundaries and consequences and much more!

Depression – How to Get Out!

Depression is more prevalent in our society than we are aware of. Everyone has been depressed at one point in their lives…but true depression sinks so much deeper.

Depression experts, Sandra Reich and Georgia Dow of the Montreal Center of Anxiety and Depression help you understand more about depression and how to help yourself or a loved one who suffers from depression.

In this Special Series video you will learn:

  • What is Depression?
  • Why does depression happen?
  • What happens to your body when you are depressed?
  • Techniques to treat depression
  • Male vs Female Depression
  • Depression’s link to emotions
  • How to really get out and start living your best life!

Boundaries and Consequences

Having personal boundaries is crucial in so many aspects of your life. Work, family, parenting, strangers…you need to have a set of boundaries on how you interact with everyone and everything.

Sandra Reich and Georgia Dow take you through the importance of setting up boundaries for yourself and what is meant by consequences.

In this Special Series you will learn:

  • Why are boundaries and consequences so important?
  • What will happen in your home without boundaries and consequences?
  • Why boundaries and consequences are not only for children but necessary for all relationships.
  • How do you implement healthy boundaries?
  • What makes for an effective consequence?
  • How to be successful in creating a healthy relationship with yourself and others.