Anxiety: Session 1 DVD


Understanding what Anxiety is and how to start your journey to overcome it. Learn everything you need to know with this informative DVD!

The first part of the Anxiety series.

All 4 parts of the Anxiety series are available for purchase separately or as a bundle to save even more. Available while quantities last!

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This is the first tape in the series and it is the basics of what Sandra Reich M. Ed. and Georgia Dow, MA would cover in the first session of a personal session. Some of the questions and topics answered in the first video session are:

    • -What is Anxiety?
      -What is Fight or Flight?
      -Why is Anxiety adaptive?
      -What are the basic foundations of dealing with Anxiety.
      -Is a panic attack dangerous? Will it go on indefinitely? (no)
      -Basics of self care- how to.
      -Skills and homework for you to manage your anxiety

What you can expect from the DVD session 1:

  1. What is anxiety and how it anxiety is adaptive for you! Learn how to use this to your advantage.
  2. Understand how your biology plays a huge role in your anxiety
  3. Cutting edge beginning strategies to help combat anxiety- now.
  4. How Cognitive Behavioral and other strategies will change your life!
  5. Exercises to practice before session two.
  6. Neuroplasticity- the latest and greatest news for you!
  7. And much much more

Duration: 51:18